wooden roof structures inc, emergency shoring, bowstring truss repair in chicago and suburbs.

wooden roof structures inc, specializes in bowstring truss repair

                                                                      Mission Statement
Wooden Roof Structures, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and quality workmanship at fair and competitive prices. Our goal is to establish a successful partnership with our clients, structural engineering firms and insurance representatives, which respects the interests and objectives of each  party. We believe that professionalism, dependability  and honesty in all of our business relationships will  assure our longevity. We take pride in our long term  relationships and accomplishments and build on them  every day. Success will be measured by repeat  customers and referrals.

              Emergency Shoring
              Truss Repair & Reinforcing
              Truss Fabrication & Erection
              Roof Structure Inspection
              Engineered Beams & Decking
              Structural Analysis & drawings 
              for Permit Acquisition

Causes of Roof Failures
   • Excessive snow load or drifting snow
   • Inadequate original design
   • Termites/carpenter ants
   • Overload due to multiple layers of roofing or mechanical units
   • Deterioration due to leakage
   • Age and grade of lumber
   • Poorly designed previous repair or modifications
   • Impact from vehicles

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